Saturday, March 1, 2014

Preview for Samsung Galaxy S5

2014 MWC (Mobile World Congress ) is coming, most digital products manufacturers will release their new products of mobile devices in this year. There is no doubt that, Samsung, as the leader in the market of mobile devices products, must be one of the most sharp star in MWC. It is report that, in 2014 MWC, Samsung will bring the new flag-ship Android phone- Samsung Galaxy S5!!! So far, the former flag-ship phone of Samsung- Samsung Galaxy S4 is still one of the most powerful Android phone. As there are many new techs in Samsung Galaxy S4, what can we expect in Samsung Galaxy S5? Let's have a preview for Samsung Galaxy S5 based on some reports and rumors.

The most powerful core- 64-bit CPU?

In every release of Samsung Galaxy products, we can see many revolutionary techs in a new gadget. A powerful core of Android phone is very important, we can learn from news that, Samsung Galaxy S5 wil have a 64-bit CPU, which make it become the first Android phone with 64-bit CPU. It must be the biggest competitor for iPhone 5S that have a 64-bit A7 core. howecver, this news haven't beeb confirmed, the newest news reported that Samsung Galaxy S5 benchmarks point to a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked to 2.5GHz - higher than its counterparts in existing superphones like the LG G2 and Google Nexus 5. And a Exynos 6 CPU version is aslo possible.

No plastic any more?

In fact, many Android fans are very tired of the same design and the plastic appearance in every Samsung Galaxy series phone. After Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release, we can see Samsung have seemed to listen the opinions of users, a new manual leather rear is amazing for most people. Based on the rumors. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a metal body instead of plastic, Although we don't think all the body of the phone will be made of metal, the material of the body must be very different from its older brothers. From the releasing picture, the appearance of Samsung Galaxy S5 have many differnences.

It will be water-proof and dust-proof

Even if Samsung Galaxy series phone is the leader in Android phone market, they have few any 3-proof products so far, except for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. This situation may be broken after Samsung Galaxy S5 release. To satisfy user's demand, Samsung Galayxy may have water-proof and dust-proof features. IF this news is true, I think the standard of water-proof and dust-proof will be the highest. However, the official haven't give the specific answers for these rumors.

New UI with Android 4.4 Kitkat or Tizen

As the new flag-ship with powerful specs, Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with Android 4.4 Kitkat. However, some rumors said that, Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a version of Tizen, which is the new OS made by Samsung. Learned from the leak pictures for this new OS, Tizen is very similar with Android OS. In my opinion, it even is like the some Chinese Android phone UI, such as MIUI. Anyway, the performance of Android 4.4 Kitkat have been verified in Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android phone. We just wait for the new OS- Tizen.

Samsung galaxy s5 tizen

2K screen, and 16MP camera?

Why Samsung become the leader in Android phone market? You can review every releases of Samsung Galaxy series products, all the new techs and higer specs will occur in Samsung Galaxy phone. Samsung Galaxy S5 is not the exception.Someone posted that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have an insane 2560x1440 2K HD screen. And for the camera, Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a resolution of 5312 x 2988, confirming the presence of a 16MP camera from a its EXIF data shows posted by @Evleak. No matter many rumors of Samsung Galaxy S5 is still exploring, but based on those news and rumors, what can be sure is Samsung Galaxy S5 must be a new height of Android phone. Now, we just wait for its release in MWC.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Samsung galaxy s5 images

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications

Touchscreen, Front-facing camera, External storage, High resolution camera, HD video recording, 4G

Samsung Galaxy S5

Waterproof: Last year, Samsung released the GS4 Active as a waterproof and dustproof variant of the Galaxy S4 model. It one of our favorite phones on AT&T, and we’re very excited to see the standard S5 pick up this superpower. You won’t have to worry about your phone if it’s raining, you’re shoved into a pool (it can happen), you drop it in quicksand, or you want to check if Stacy in Sales returned your Facebook message while you’re in the shower. Less worries means more happy.
Heart-rate monitor: Not everyone will use or care about this feature, but if you want to check your heart rate after a workout, or for medical reasons, you can easily do so with the GS5. It has a small red light that shines through your finger on the back of the phone. The built-in S Health app will record your heart rate every day.
Fingerprint scanner: We weren’t able to test this sensor properly, but Samsung’s new Home button doubles as a fingerprint scanner that works a lot like one from CrucialTec we demoed last year at MWC. Yes, it’s an iPhone 5S rip off, but if biometrics are going to take off, they have to be widely accepted. Samsung is launching fingerprint scanner with the ability to make payments over its system or PayPal, which is more than Apple is letting anyone do. This could be a huge addition to the GS5.

Same look, but a cleaner inside

We like new bells and whistles on the outside of a phone, but we also appreciate that Samsung has cleaned up the inside, too. The Galaxy S5’s user interface is simpler and cleaner than previous devices. It’s easier to find features, and the Settings menu has a new gridded view that makes a lot of sense.
The GS5 may not look different, but there’s a lot to love.
Even the Recent Apps screen and Notification menu seem simpler. And if you want a real simple mode, you can make the icons extra big by turning on an old-folks mode that comes with a built-in magnifier.
Since there is only 16GB of space on the phone, we’re very happy that the unit we tested only had 42 apps installed on it. That’s opposed to about 80 on phones that came out late last year. Samsung has kept a lot of its own apps intact, but isn’t shying away from Google apps, either.

Ultra Power Saving Mode is a winner

We briefly tried out Samsung’s new Ultra Power Saving Mode, which will help you conserve battery life in a jam. It’s the most intense battery-saving mode we’ve ever seen. It shuts down all services except a few vital ones, and turns the screen black and white. But according to Samsung, it can squeeze a full 24 hours out of a nearly empty battery.

Glam? We don’t think so

Samsung used the word “glam” and “modern” several times to describe the pitted, soft-plastic battery cover on the GS5. We don’t really see it. There’s nothing bad looking about the new GS5, but there is nothing “glam” about it either. Samsung has succeeded in creating another Galaxy that’s mostly devoid of personality, but also won’t offend the tastes of many. It should sell well, is what we’re saying.


The Galaxy S5 looks like a fantastic phone. It doesn’t look different, which will turn off journalists and elate iPhone fans the world over, but there’s a lot to love. For the first time, Samsung is innovating like Apple, instead of just mimicking it. Last year we got a bunch of new apps, and with the Galaxy Pro tablets at CES we saw a stupid new interface, but with the GS5, Samsung has taken a hard look at what people really want from its phone and tried to deliver a compelling new product. We can’t wait to get a Galaxy S5 in for review.


  • Fast, powerful processor
  • Clean, redesigned interface
  • Runs Android 4.4 KitKat with less bloatware
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Built-in fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor
  • Feels comfortable to hold
  • MicroSD support
  • Removable battery with new Ultra Power Saver Mode


  • Stale design

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs

  • Product Type Smartphone
  • Width 2.85 in
  • Depth 0.33 in
  • Height 5.59 in
  • Weight 5.11 oz


  • Clock Speed 2.5 GHz
  • Processor Core Qty Quad Core


  • Diagonal Size 5.1 in

Versus other phones

Is the Galaxy S5 better than the iPhone 5S?
I really don't like answering this question, because "better" is so very subjective. Instead, let me say that I do think the Galaxy S5 is shaping up to be a really excellent smartphone -- though I'm withholding final judgment for the full review. Until then, you can compare the specs, along with the LG G Pro 2, in this detailed comparison chart.
Will there be other GS5 variations?
Samsung hasn't said for certain that it will introduce other phones in the Galaxy S5 family, but history indicates yes. This would be the third generation of a scaled-back Mini, and the second generation of both the niche Zoom and Active -- though the GS5's built-in water-resistance makes that Active seem less likely. Look for variants several months after the flagship hits stores.

TouchWiz interface throughout

Yes! Some details are more subtle than others, but Samsung has sprinkled refreshed bits of its TouchWiz interface throughout. You'll notice this most in the camera app, the notifications tray, and the Settings menu. The virtual keyboard also gets a tweak, and there's some good-looking new wallpaper. You'll also notice that Samsung renamed an app or two, and pulled the Samsung Hub completely. I'm largely a fan of these changes.
Is the Samsung Hub gone for good?
Yes and no. It won't come preloaded on the phone, but you can still download plenty of Samsung apps yourself. The company said it's making a concerted effort to reduce bloatware right out of the gate, so removing the Hub as a preinstallation is a small concession to balance out all of the other space-hungry features that Samsung includes as part of the S5's ouvre.
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)
Is the camera really as fast as Samsung claims?
Samsung claims that the Galaxy S5 performs feats of autofocus in 0.3-second. I didn't notice much lag with autofocus, but I can't say that I was cognizant of lightning-fast performance when I tested the camera. It just didn't stand out for me. This is a feature I'll definitely revisit when my review unit comes in.
What does the Ultra Power Saving Mode do?
Samsung claims that its new Ultra Power Saving Mode can keep the phone running 24 hours on 10 percent battery. That's a huge claim, and one I'll have to test over the course of a couple days when the device comes in. A software feature, this works by changing the display color to grayscale, limiting the processor, cutting off GPS, turning off Wi-Fi when the screen goes dark, and putting the kibosh on most of your extraneous apps.
Will Ultra Power Saving Mode come to other Samsung phones?
Samsung is at least considering releasing a software update to give other Samsung phones Ultra Power Saving Mode, and S Health 3.0 as well -- though you wouldn't get the Galaxy S5's baked-in heart rate monitor.